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Re: Tor Defense Fund...an idea.

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This may be a good idea to contemplate, Anthony. I know of many
successful action organizations, including some I've worked for/with
directly that had such set-ups. Does anyone here have legal knowledge
specific to this realm of affairs? I myself am not a trial lawyer, so
I don't know the pros/cons of this directly. On the other hand, I am
an expert on legal and non legal related privacy and asset protection
    If done correctly, one can conceal one's ownership of property
(finances, physical property like house/car, etc) and hide most
economic transactions from the Databases-of-Doom. Fellow ExitNode
operators should check out http://www.mpassetprotection.com/ and read
the "Asset Protection Crash Course".
    The bottom line here is that if the self-proclaimed "authorities"
can't find/don't know you own anything of value in the first place,
they're much less likely to seek you out as the next great "example"
to be held up and publically beaten to scare the public
(metaphorically speaking). It's worked for several years for me and
longer for many others, so covering your legal-financial ass is very
affordable insurance when standing up to the welfare/warfare/police state.
    Mr. Georgeo, I think we may have something here with the idea of a
two-pronged legal defense:
    A. On the front-end, a good regimen of "preventative care"
privacy/asset protection "best practices" should be encouraged amongst
Tor users, especially server/router owners. This will nip most
seizures and lawsuits in the bud before they start in most cases.
    B. For those rare exceptions when someone slips up and/or the men
with guns happen to get lucky through sheer statistics, we'll need a
way to fight back using the judicial system. I'm sure many of us are
already EFF members (I know I am at least), but going forward, the
EFF's legal burden may consist of Tor related lawsuits to a greater
extent. We already know that Germany and France have labeled operators
"Child Porn ringleaders" already, and something similar has happened
to a student at a US university relating to computer crime. As anyone
know pays attention to world politics knows, the US and all other
national governments have the bad habbit of picking up on their peers'
worst habbits. Anything to usurp more power... I mean spread democracy
and/or fight the war on terror/porn/[made up issue X], right?

What are your thoughts?


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Frivolous lawsuits. Unlawful government seizures. It's a scary world
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Anothony Georgeo wrote:
> Hi,
> Tor server operators are more frequently subject to government
> action due to the fact they are running an exit or entry node.  IMO
>  this will cause some operators to shutdown their nodes to avoid
> legal repercussions and/or the monetary damages that can be
> incurred (from fines or legal defense).
> I propose a fund (eg. "Tor Defense Fund") that would be available
> to server operators engaged in legal battles.  The TDF would be
> funded by donations from other Tor users, as it would be in  their
> best interest to donate if they wish to keep the Tor network
> running well.
> Maybe the EFF would consider running the fund and paying out X
> amount of dollars to each operator who meets a certain criteria?
> Comments?
> Anogeorgeo
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