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Re: Tor Defense Fund...an idea.

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There is some truth to this perhaps, but on the other hand, the more
people participating, the more statistically likely it is that more
people get 'busted', therefore draining the fund even more. Glymr, I
think you've got some good analysis here, but it needs to be tied into
a greater whole. Please see my other response to this topic about
"real life" privacy and asset protection methods to help prevent most
of such potential suits in the first place.


glymr wrote:
> An amusing subtext in this is that issue of social reward which
> came up in discussions about how to encourage tor servers to
> appear. I'm inclined to suggest that a firehose blasting would work
>  better, find an effective way to get more people to run tor nodes,
>  and it goes from victimisation to class action.
> Anothony Georgeo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Tor server operators are more frequently subject to government
>> action due to the fact they are running an exit or entry node.
>> IMO this will cause some operators to shutdown their nodes to
>> avoid legal repercussions and/or the monetary damages that can be
>>  incurred (from fines or legal defense).
>> I propose a fund (eg. "Tor Defense Fund") that would be available
>>  to server operators engaged in legal battles.  The TDF would be
>> funded by donations from other Tor users, as it would be in their
>> best interest to donate if they wish to keep the Tor network
>> running well.
>> Maybe the EFF would consider running the fund and paying out X
>> amount of dollars to each operator who meets a certain criteria?
>> Comments?
>> Anogeorgeo
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