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Blocking particular Entry/Exit nodes

Hi all,

I guess some of you know of the ability to track down a certain
request through Tor if someone controls both the entry and the exit
node and look for the timing of the request. Although the probability
of that happening is not large, it still shouldn't be ignored.

I am wondering, is it possible to block certain nodes from being an
entry/exit node, or perhaps impliment an IP block. For example, I
don't want to use entry nodes with an IP 10.*.*.* or with the name

If it's not possible then perhaps the developers of Tor should allow
the user to add lines to torrc.conf to automatically block nodes in
future versions. e.g.
BlockNodes BadNode, BadNode2

I feel helpless when it comes to picking which Entry/Exit nodes to
use/to not use. Maybe the developers should give back some control to
the user :). Or was it deliberately done this way?

ps. no spell checker