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Re: Blocking particular Entry/Exit nodes

You could try

    http://tor.eff.org/tor-manual.html -> "ExcludeNodes"

yousifnet schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I guess some of you know of the ability to track down a certain
> request through Tor if someone controls both the entry and the exit
> node and look for the timing of the request. Although the probability
> of that happening is not large, it still shouldn't be ignored.
> I am wondering, is it possible to block certain nodes from being an
> entry/exit node, or perhaps impliment an IP block. For example, I
> don't want to use entry nodes with an IP 10.*.*.* or with the name
> BadNode.
> If it's not possible then perhaps the developers of Tor should allow
> the user to add lines to torrc.conf to automatically block nodes in
> future versions. e.g.
> BlockNodes BadNode, BadNode2
> I feel helpless when it comes to picking which Entry/Exit nodes to
> use/to not use. Maybe the developers should give back some control to
> the user :). Or was it deliberately done this way?
> ps. no spell checker

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