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Re: Another confiscation

Hi  *Thomas Hluchnik*   :

> Just read the german language heise newsreader 
> (http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/78246). The message is in german 
> language only. There were not only tor nodes confiscated, the 
> Staatsanwaltschaft of Konstanz also confiscated a AN.ON server owning the ULD 
> (UnabhÃngige Landeszentrum fÃr Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein, Independent 
> Center for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein). They bring this affair to 
> public now. They critisize the way the police worked and go to judge because 
> they say its not OK how the confiscation was processed.
> Maybe there is someone with better english spoken than me who likes to 
> translate that article for our non german friends.

[ Correction: for our english {only} speaking friends ...  ;-) ]

My german is somewhat limited so
Ich habe mit der Hilfe linguistische Werkzeuge Ãbersetzt Google.  ;-)

The independent national center for data security Schleswig-Holstein (ULD)
criticizes in connection with the seizure of anonymization servers the
police. ULD leader Thilo Weichert expresses itself in a report âirritated
over the criminal professionalism lacking of the investigatorsâ. 

It is the common request of data-security commissioners and punishing
pursuers to make child pornography in the Internet secured. It is at any
time possible with a concrete first suspicion and with judicial resolution
with the anonymization service AN.ON, widens from child pornography back
to pursue.    

On 6 September according to report of the ULD due to a resolution of the
district court Konstanz of the anonymization servers of the ULD was
seized. The seizure accomplished with a security leader in Karlsruhe is 
only communicated to the ULD after âown costly searches on 11 Septemberâ.
The ULD kept the seizure resolution further two days later only after
renewed demand. The action obviously stands in connection with further
seizures with operators of anonymization services in the past days. A goal
of the police actions is it to make users of child pornography in the

With the current seizure and the short term loss due to it from AN.ON the
authors were warned, continue to write the ULD. The public prosecutor's
office has now besides a computer, which will not bring further
realizations, since AN.ON does not store connecting data. âWould have each
Internet criminal list in the meantime admits to be, how AN.ON functions.
All legal and technical information is publicly in the Internet callable;
the ULD stands for the consultation of the punishing pursuers readyâ,
describes Weichert    

Beyond that being more than negligent that the punishing pursuers with
their seizure made Internet more uncertain, âby it provisionally with the
ULD computer the only from a German independent authority operated mixes
from traffic pulled and thus the protection from net espionage preventsâ.
The ULD points out that AN.ON is a project promoted by the Federal
Ministry for economics and work. It makes possible for Web users to surf
with the help of the software JAP free of charge unobserved. It serves -
as demanded by the German Telediensterecht  (tele protection right???  
C.L.) - the guarantee of the data security in the world-wide net and also 
from many enterprises to the protection from restaurant economics is used. 
The ULD inserted Konstanz complaint against the resolution of the district 
court. The service AN.ON is again in the net, âsoon also again with its own 
ULD computerâ, promises the data-security commissioners.

Claude LaFreniÃre