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I want to be honest : i hate privoxy and his content filtering. i have
commented user.action file and default-action but navigation stops
anyway very often .I'm an adult person so babes or porno are allright
for me  . I don't need content filtering but fast browsing instead.I
never understood why squid never gets  on playing  unless in
congiunction with privoxy.Squid is the  father of anonymous proxism.it
makes top http header cleaning , powerfull caching and this is what
makes browsing fast,also in a way it makes content/website cleaning too
but around i have not found one guide saying how i can make tor , squid
parent.Well i know tor is not a http proxy and here it is my question:
How can i configure squid to work with tor without privoxy ????
Do i need socat?
How does socat work in this scenario ???
Thanks !