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Re: Tor crashes ZoneAlarm

Tim McCormack wrote:
> Kees Vonk wrote:
>> I am aware of this, but have yet to find a opensource personal firewall,
>> if you know of one I would be very interested.
> You mean, besides buying a cheapo router and flashing Linux onto the
> firmware?
>  - Tim

That would still not stop malicious software from accessing the
internet. I mean personally I run linux, so it is not an issue, but most
of my friends run windows, and to stop them having to call on me all the
time I prefer their machines to have as much security as possible. They
all know now how ZoneAlarm works and know when to ask me about strange
processes trying to access the internet. Sounds like an overkill, but
just the other day I had a friend with trojan that had just been
discovered two days earlier and his antivirus was three days old, so
thanks to ZoneAlarm it was stopped from doing to much damage.

I know this is now off topic, but I thought I better explain what I am
looking for.


BTW. can you flash linux onto most routers? I have a D-Link DI-504.