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Re: Problem: Enigmail Thunderbird Extension & Tor

Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
> Dear fellow "Torizens",
>     I use the Enigmail Thunderbird extension (enigmail.mozdev.org) for
> my GPG encryption needs. I've followed the directions on
> http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorifyHOWTO#head-33bccb11670a9c8e0e4c08fa6f0b94716627bdb0,
> but have the following problem:
> I can use gpg --refresh-keys and get an update on the status of all
> the keys already in my official keyring, but if I try to verify some
> random person's (perhaps even your) key from within
> Thunderbird/Enigmail I get an error message saying that no key info
> can be retrieved from the server. Could this be a latency issue? It
> seems to work fine if I connect directly rather than through Tor.
> This is very important to my business (see signature link below if
> curious), so any aid would be most appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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I often find that my first few attempts to use Tor time out. I seems
that Tor needs some time to build up its initial connection, after that
it works fine. Give it half a minute to a minute and try it again.
Usually works for me.