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Re: Using Gmail (with Tor) is a bad idea

Hi  *Fabian Keil*   :

> Just in case you wondered whether Tor and Gmail are a good
> combination: They are not.


> About 0.3% of my Tor exit nodes' users seem to consider using
> Gmail with Tor a good idea. I suggest they reconsider.

I'm using Gmail with Tor and Thunderbird not Firefox or an other browser.

pop.gmail.com on port 995 -> SSL  ...
smtp.gmail.com port 587 -> TLS ...

So the connections between my computer and the Google servers 
are encrypted. (With or without Tor...)

With this the only privacy problem remaining is what Google is doing 
with the mail data in their servers... and this can be easily solve by
using PGP/ GnuPG.

I'm not convinced that Tor failed to encrypt correctly the communications
with the combination of Tor + Firefox + Gmail ...

If your demonstration is correct there is a problem with Tor itself:
how a Man-in-the-middle may have an access to the authentication cookies ?

I'm interested to have some advices on this.

Claude LaFrenière