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Re: Aggressive probe of anonymity

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Hmm. I know GRC has that "leak test" program, though it's for Win32
AFAIK and I don't know how applicable it is. You could use logs and an
IDS such as Snort to monitor on localhost and within the LAN if you do
it right. I don't know of an out-of-the-box easy solution for all
platforms though. Maybe Roger or Arrakis have an idea?


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P Jones wrote:
>> P Jones wrote:
>>> I'm wondering if there is a site or a set of scripts that I
>>> could host on my own site that agressively probes a browser
>>> connection for anonymity. I'd like to test various
>>> browser/proxy/os configurations, mostly for learning purposes
>>> and for identifying what and to what degree different
>>> technologies are vulnerable.
> On 9/21/06, Andrew Del Vecchio <firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Ever been to www.pcflank.com? www.grc.com?
>> ~Andrew
> Andrew;
> Thanks for the reply, but both of those sites (I know grc well, new
>  to pcflank) assume a direct connection to the internet. I'm
> looking for a test of this situation; on the tor network, behind a
> firewall on a network with a local IP; various operating systems.
> Then I'd like to have things like java, javascript, cookies,
> images, flash, etc. tested for leakage of identifying information.
> As an example, squid can be configured to send your proxy/host type
>  (ipid.shat.net), which even though you're on tor will reveal your
> actual IP address (or at least your server name). So ipid.shat.net
> shows this, many other ip address testing pages do not.
> -P
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