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Re: Aggressive probe of anonymity

P Jones wrote:
> I'm wondering if there is a site or a set of scripts that I could
> host on my own site that agressively probes a browser connection
> for anonymity. I'd like to test various browser/proxy/os
> configurations, mostly for learning purposes and for identifying
> what and to what degree different technologies are vulnerable.
On 9/21/06, Andrew Del Vecchio <firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Ever been to www.pcflank.com? www.grc.com?



Thanks for the reply, but both of those sites (I know grc well, new to
pcflank) assume a direct connection to the internet. I'm looking for a
test of this situation; on the tor network, behind a firewall on a
network with a local IP; various operating systems. Then I'd like to
have things like java, javascript, cookies, images, flash, etc. tested
for leakage of identifying information.

As an example, squid can be configured to send your proxy/host type
(ipid.shat.net), which even though you're on tor will reveal your
actual IP address (or at least your server name). So ipid.shat.net
shows this, many other ip address testing pages do not.