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Re: Tor appliance

 Yeah they make great firewall appliances, smoothwall has particularily low hardware requirements. There is also FreeSCO, Linux Router Project, and several others you can find searching gat linux.org

On Sat, 16 Sep 2006 08:40:05 +0200
Brad Freeman <bradfreeman@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> >
> > How about tor on a WRTG54 wireless router? That would be cheap, and I
> > would guess it's possible given the linux OS firmware. I can't make
> > this happen since I'm not a programmer, but the idea has occurred to
> > me before. I like the HyperWRT project, Thibor version.
> > (http://www.thibor.co.uk/). Maybe start a thread in the forums to see
> > what the response is.
> >
> > -P
> I've considered this option also on my WRT54GL flashed with DD-WRT if  
> it would work and be able to process the encryption fast enough  
> without overclocking the router.
> I've also considered setting up a linux box as a firewall with either  
> IPCop, Astaro, or Smoothwall. Does anyone have experience with these  
> or another OS as a firewall appliance? My primary goal is not only  
> security but to control/monitor QoS and total amount of bandwidth  
> used. Even though I have a 24Mbit/s connection with high bandwidth  
> allowance, I need to use some of it also!
> Thanks,
> Brad