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[pygame] Pygame.init In Multiple Files

Hi! I'm working on a project involving multiple .py files, several of which can write to the screen.
-worldsim_evergreen.py can run on its own, loading some JPGs and displaying them as tiled graphics.
-world1_main.py is meant as a shell for the other one, adding an interface and other features.

The problem is, world1_main crashes when I run it _a second time_ from IDLE. I run it once, worldsim_evergreen loads its graphics, and everything is fine. I quit normally (calling pygame.display.quit() to close the graphics window) and run world1_main again. This time it has worldsim load _some_ of the graphics, but then crash when it tries to load some other graphics. worldsim is calling a class function, World.LoadGraphicTiles():

def LoadGraphicTiles(self):
"""Load graphic tiles from "graphics" folder."""
for x in range(NUM_TILES):
os.path.join("graphics",(str(x) + ".jpg")) ).convert()
GENERIC_OBJECT_IMAGE = pygame.image.load( os.path.join("graphics",GENERIC_OBJECT_IMAGE) ).convert()
GENERIC_PERSON_IMAGE = pygame.image.load( os.path.join("graphics",GENERIC_PERSON_IMAGE) ).convert()

It crashes when it tries to load GENERIC_OBJECT_IMAGE. That and GENERIC_PERSON_IMAGE are defined at the top of worldsim_evergreen.py as strings giving file names. But it doesn't crash the first time I run it from IDLE without quitting and re-opening the file!

In worldsim_evergreen.py is this code:
import pygame ## Pygame

And in world1_main.py is:
import pygame
screen = pygame.display.set_mode([1024,768])

So the shell program and its "worldsim" both initialize pygame, which seems to be necessary for worldsim to load its graphics.

Any idea what's going on?

Kris Schnee
AI Tinkerer