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Re: [pygame] Pygame.init In Multiple Files

--- Kris Schnee <kschnee@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> os.path.join("graphics",(str(x) + ".jpg"))
> ).convert()
>          GENERIC_OBJECT_IMAGE = pygame.image.load( 
> os.path.join("graphics",GENERIC_OBJECT_IMAGE)
> ).convert()
>          GENERIC_PERSON_IMAGE = pygame.image.load( 
> os.path.join("graphics",GENERIC_PERSON_IMAGE)
> ).convert()

Massive lines like these were the culprits when I got
a similar problem. Something - dunno if it's Python,
pygame, or SDL - breaks when you try to complete a
string and load an image from it and convert it at the
same time. Break them up and it will probably work.

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