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Re: [pygame] pygame / ctypes

Peter Shinners wrote:

On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 11:09 +0800, Simon Wittber wrote:

It now appears that the ctypes module is to be included in the python
standard library.


* Perhaps the ctype bindings would target different libraries on
different platforms? Using something windows-native on windows would
make distribution far simpler. Same for windows and osx using
alternative backends but sharing a common api.

This is where it's easier for PyOpenGL. We already have an almost-certainly-deployed mostly-common library everywhere. We only have to write 30 or 40 lines of code (mostly identical, just tweaks here and there) to get a new platform supported. Having to write a thick wrapper for each platform is a significant task. If you're not writing directly to pre-existing metal, however, you wind up needing to install the SDL binaries anyway.

Incidentally, OpenGL-ctypes isn't currently pure Python, we have 2 C-coded functions, and will likely have a few more as time goes on. My goal (among others) here is to make the build system far simpler and more robust than the SWIG one, not to entirely eliminate C compilation. (That said, will likely eventually provide pure-Python backups as well).

* Allow "dynload" style bindings with ctype? I'm not sure if this is
allowed, but it would allow distributing support for many binary
dependencies, but only cleanly only using what is available at runtime.
This may make Pygame more of an "API" target that any independent
package can support, and any game project can rely on.

ctypes is entirely dynamically loaded. In fact, it's dynamic at the level where you can just go ahead, try to load the library, try to load the function, and if something fails, just record a NULL object with that name (I do this with the FreeGLUT GLUT extensions, for instance). Client code can check for whether the function is non-NULL (or catch an explicit error if they try to call it)... lets you drop basically all ifdef-type operations. All the actual checking and NULL-ification can be done in the common functions, so *every* function in the system can be checked the same way. That said, I don't think I've actually gone through and made the libraries themselves optional in OpenGL-ctypes, but that's just a matter of returning a NULL module.

AFAIK all that's happened is that Thomas has decided to propose ctypes' inclusion again. I don't *think* we've heard anything from Guido that it *has* been included. The question of whether the GCC-XML auto-generation code would be included hasn't even been addressed AFAIK.

Have fun,

 Mike C. Fletcher
 Designer, VR Plumber, Coder