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Re: [pygame] SDL_gfxPrimitives

On 09 Jul 2001 08:56:43 +0300, Jan Ekholm wrote:
> On Sun, 8 Jul 2001, Pete Shinners wrote:
> >>   I'm putting the finsihing touches now on a c-based a-* pathfinder
> >> that I'd love to submit sometime soon.
> >
> >ooh, very neat. how does it work? i'm guessing you provide it a
> >callback function which can return the "weight" for any given
> >node? hmm, i guess it would also need a list of all the
> >neighboring nodes as well?
> Now this would be nice to have! But I think it can be quite hard to make
> it general enough to work with various data structures. If it works it's
> something we could use quite directly in our game. :-)

I think if he put in all the support for pure python callbacks and data
structures it wouldn't be any faster than doing it in 100% python..
Hell, I wrote one in Lingo once and it was fast..  maybe I'll port that
to python if I can dig up a good version of it.

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