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Re: [pygame] OpenGL

> Out of pure curiosity I was wondering wether anybody is
> using OpenGL with PyGame for something more serious than
> rotating a cube on the screen? 

no, i can't say that there is. earlier this week we had
'learn opengl day' in the #pygame chat. an exciting solar
system demo was created.
(all the planets looked like boxes though) :]

on the other hand, many people (self included) are very
interested in something like this. i just might break down
and try to create something myself.

> It would also be quite fun to know wether anybody is actively
> working on some kind of scene graph for pyopengl. Something
> like 'ssg' from PLib, or even the old Open Inventor.

i really don't know about this. i haven't ever seen any scene
graph libraries out there for for python. the simple method
would just be to find the most friendly opengl scene graph
in c and wrap it. there are actually plenty to choose from,
but it would take a little time to look and find one that
would be most appropriate. on the other hand, i believe most
scene graphs are very similar. you have a  parented hierarchy
of objects, along with a little scene information like lighting,
fog, etc

on the other end there's something like crystal space, which
is a full 3d game engine, with python bindings. but i'm afraid
the situation is an in-development binding on top of an 
in-development library. i haven't looked into it, but i don't
know how for you'll be able to get with this setup.

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