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Re: [pygame] PyOpenGL+py2exe

> has anyone tried to convert a pyopengl app using py2exe into a .exe file?
> I got problems with missing modules:
> OpenGL.GL.CarefulFunction and
> OpenGL.GL.Error
> I assume there are some .pyds missing for that. Does anyone have an idea
> about that? or can at least report the same?

heh, i haven't heard of anyone trying it. i do know that
opengl has a lot of internal extension modules, and there's
no way for py2exe to really find all them. it should not be
too hard to just trial-and-error your way to finding them all.
after you get a list of missing ones, add them into the list
of py2exe modules to include. keep going till the thing actually
want to run :]

i believe you can also just copy the installed "OpenGL"
directory from your python directory into your py2exe
application directory. that might end up a little big,
but should do the trick.

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