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Re: [pygame] PyOpenGL+py2exe

> > has anyone tried to convert a pyopengl app using py2exe into a .exe file?
> > I got problems with missing modules:
> > OpenGL.GL.CarefulFunction and
> > OpenGL.GL.Error
> > I assume there are some .pyds missing for that. Does anyone have an idea
> > about that? or can at least report the same?
> heh, i haven't heard of anyone trying it. i do know that
> opengl has a lot of internal extension modules, and there's
> no way for py2exe to really find all them. it should not be
> too hard to just trial-and-error your way to finding them all.
> after you get a list of missing ones, add them into the list
> of py2exe modules to include. keep going till the thing actually
> want to run :]
Tried that of course. I also managed to get rid of most initial errors by
copying the .pyd files from the OpenGL installation dir to my .exe's dir.
Unfortunately there are no pyds for the above two modules. That's why I
couldn't get it to work

> i believe you can also just copy the installed "OpenGL"
> directory from your python directory into your py2exe
> application directory. that might end up a little big,
> but should do the trick.
I didn't think I had to go into such an extreme :).. but ok.. you said it
I tried it.. didn't work at all :P 

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