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Re: [pygame] Python versions

You have to rebuild it with the 2.2a sources, it simply will not work with a version of python it was not compiled for...  Where the files are doesn't particularly matter, what matters is that the versions match.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 05:35:45PM -0700, Michael Robin wrote:
> I just downloaded python 2.2a - with pygame I get
>   "ImportError: Module use of python21.dll conflicts with this version of
> Python."
> How does pygame choose what DLL to link with on Windows?
> Is there a way to have it work with multiple py versions?
> (At least for version X or greater, if pygame needs certain features.)
> I had trouble bulding, so I'm using the pre-compiled version.
> Also, do you guys install pygame (and other modules) under your current
> Python install dir (E.g., C:\Python21 on windows) or in a generic,
> version-independent dir? As some modules depend on the python version,
> it's not clear to me which is the best sol'n.
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