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Re: [pygame] https://pygame.org/

> but decided not to bother everyone


Ah, that’s too bad, because the new site is worth celebrating! I don’t see sending an email being an imposition. Everyone who created an account on it cares about pygame in some way.


But that’s gret to hear that adjustments were made and it’s easy to make them!

~ Michael


On Saturday, March 11, 2017 12:48:19 PM PST you wrote:

> Good ideas Michael.


> I'll improve the login message to be something like what you mentioned.

> Also, there's plenty of opportunity for wordsmiths to improve the emails as

> well. To perhaps make them more playful and fun. There's a 'security'

> templates folder with all the different bits: https://github.com/pygame/

> pygameweb/tree/master/pygameweb/templates/security


> It might be worth making a 'confirm + reset password' link to smooth things

> for existing people. I also considered sending all people a confirmation

> email telling them about the new website... but decided not to bother

> everyone.


> Yep, the downloads page still needs updating. Instead of Downloads at the

> top nav there is a 'Getting Started' page http://www.pygame.org/wiki/

> GettingStarted

> Thomas has been doing some improvements to that page there. I've also been

> gathering feedback from people (including teachers) which I hope to

> incorporate.


> Mainly we will try and point people to install with:

> pip3 install pygame


> The install.html redirect is also working again (going to the Getting

> Started page). As well, I've cleaned a few items up in the top navigation.



> cheers,