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[pygame] teaching resources


Whilst there are now more than a dozen books, and video series in many languages for teaching pygame, I'd like to include a new section on the website for educational resources for teachers. Or even better, to be able to point to an existing resource.  Not particularly for 'pygame', but for digital education in general, or at least python related. I wonder if you have any thoughts on this? Maybe there could be some sort of collaboration here. Or you could give me some guidance on where to point people?

Is there something existing where resources have some sort of quality control? If there's not something good existing, it would nice to find out what is required here.

Is this the only thing on the raspberry pi side? https://www.raspberrypi.org/resources/teach/
Are there any places which collect raspberry pi teaching resources in other languages (than English)?
Is this the place for microbit? http://microbit.org/teach/
Is there some place for python in general?
Anything else I should link to?

A teacher sent me a photo of a wall showing drawings the kids all made with pygame and printed the other day. He did it for a drawing class. Another did a class with 'sound boards', where the kids jumped around on the dance mats making 'music'. For me it would be interesting to send her a link with resources for teaching music. She also teaches Finnish, and is always interested in finding resources to do that in an interesting way. So if there's something I can link to people by topic, that would be awesome sauce?

Next time someone shows me something like "community.computingatschool.org.uk/resources/4952", rather saying... "chuck it on the wiki!" perhaps there's a better more useful answer I can give them?
Or is that the place to send them? (I'm not sure they'd be interested in Japanese/German/etc resources)