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Re: [pygame] teaching resources

* René Dudfield (renesd@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Hello,
> A teacher sent me a photo of a wall showing drawings the kids all made with
> pygame and printed the other day. He did it for a drawing class. Another
> did a class with 'sound boards', where the kids jumped around on the dance
> mats making 'music'. For me it would be interesting to send her a link with
> resources for teaching music. She also teaches Finnish, and is always
> interested in finding resources to do that in an interesting way. So if
> there's something I can link to people by topic, that would be awesome
> sauce?

I'm wondering if there might be room on the Pygame site for a "uses"
category to show folks what Pygame could be used for. Perhaps this could
be incorporated into the "Releases" section? Or it could be a separate,
curated section where a certain "featured" tag gets placed on a release
to put it into this menu?

I'd re-state the original question though. Is this looking to highlight
Pygame's usage as more than just a game library, or is this to highlight
some of the educational resources that Python offers educators?

  Craig Maloney  (craig@xxxxxxxxxxxx)  http://decafbad.net