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Re: [pygame] teaching resources

On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 12:23 PM, Craig Maloney <craig@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
* René Dudfield (renesd@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Hello,
> A teacher sent me a photo of a wall showing drawings the kids all made with
> pygame and printed the other day. He did it for a drawing class. Another
> did a class with 'sound boards', where the kids jumped around on the dance
> mats making 'music'. For me it would be interesting to send her a link with
> resources for teaching music. She also teaches Finnish, and is always
> interested in finding resources to do that in an interesting way. So if
> there's something I can link to people by topic, that would be awesome
> sauce?

I'm wondering if there might be room on the Pygame site for a "uses"
category to show folks what Pygame could be used for. Perhaps this could
be incorporated into the "Releases" section? Or it could be a separate,
curated section where a certain "featured" tag gets placed on a release
to put it into this menu?

Great idea!

A "What can you do with pygame?" type section.

Bringing back the 'spotlight' projects would be nice. Project of the week/month, or something like your featured tag.

I'd re-state the original question though. Is this looking to highlight
Pygame's usage as more than just a game library, or is this to highlight
some of the educational resources that Python offers educators?

Well, this question was about teaching resources... but yes, it would be nice to highlight that it can be used for other things than games.

Definitely, I think this is also a good page we should have on there.


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