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Re: [pygame] recommendation for a good n00b IDE

(related to IDE's) I have switched to using the monospace font
"Consolas" over the other mono fonts.

( It's easy for me to read, and also has the best contrast of normal
to bolded text )

It comes on windows vista, but you can (legally) get it on winXP. (
Looks like it'll work on ubuntu too, but haven't tried it. )

font installer:
http://www.urbanfonts.com/blog/download-new-vista-fonts-free/ ( You
should be able to uninstall the viewer and keep the fonts. Once you
have the ttf's, I think it will work on *nix/mac )

Vista has a couple of useful fonts, here's an image example of each:

(Here's mine)
sans = corbel
serif/sans-serif = constantia
mono = consolas