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Re: [pygame] Re: Import error on Windows

On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 9:39 PM, Russell E. Owen <rowen@xxxxxx> wrote:

By comparison, your standard binary installer for python.org Python 2.6
has 7 unit test failures on my 10.4.11 machine. So this is potentially
an improvement.

The sound stuff is well tested -- lots of people are using it in an app
I distribute, on a variety of Macs. Unfortunately my application does
not exercise any of the rest of pygame.

> If you have a bitbucket username, I can add you so that you can upload files
> onto there.  We are moving to hosting the files on there, and having the
> main website sync from there.

I just created a bitbucket login: rowen

-- Russell

Nice one!  Was it compiled with portmidi?  Maybe that is why the midi test fails.

I've added your username to bitbucket.  So you should be able to upload files.