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[pygame] Re : [pygame] car game AI


I read the papers regarding A* realistic movements and the ones concerning the steering behaviors. At the moment, i divided my circuit into area and this is how i do : i randomly choose one point per area for each ai and i find shortest path between those waypoints using A*. This way i have not always the same path for all the AI.
So now the idea is to make the movements more realistic. In the paper i read, there is something concerning movement on roads ( basically vehicules movement i think ) and it said that to provide such kind of movement you should not have to smooth the path etc...
Actually i have my own idea to create kind of more "realistic" movement for my ai cars. I think to attach to each car a lure the follow the path and my ai only follow the lure. The lure would have a higher speed than the car so it should create kind of smooth turns. And in case of collision of the car, i thought to just reset the lure position to be in front of the car Ãnd recalculate the path to the next waypoint.

Tell me what you think. Thanks.

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Objet : [pygame] car game AI
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Note: Learn how to use vectors. You will need this for steering, and movement. (You technically don't, but it's much simpler)

The *very best* tutorial to A* pathfinding : http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/GameProgramming/ ( Great diagrams )

These are relevant for your racing, and terrain.

Making sure you saw these specifically

Now you could implement physics with pymunk, but that could be overkill at this point. If you write your own physics, make sure you keep a constant-time-step for stability. If a crash happens, apply a force. And continue steer behavior as normal.