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Re: [school-discuss] ANN: Calendula - fundraising for nonprofitsand schools

Karl <karl@tux.org> writes:

> (in addition to an easy-to-setup email program that integrates
> and group-shares calendar and webmail). 

I have always wondered what using a mail client program to access this
kind of shared resources gains one over using a web browser to access
this kind of shared resources.

That is also why I do not understand the ongoing race toward an
groupware system modeled after Exchange (www.opengroupware.org, SuSE
OpenExchange, www.exchange4linux.org, www.kroupware.org, and
undoubtely others).  It seems to me that web based groupware systems
already have all that is needed.  Is it just a matter of lulling users
who are used to Outlook?

Sincerely confused,