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[school-discuss] Web-based School Administration...

Hello all.

I've been doing some searching for a web-based school administration program using the software resource listings on schooforge and other web sites.  I've evaluated several of the applications and found only a couple to be really up to speed for production use.

NOTE:  My notes/comments regarding the following applications are not intended to offend the developers/supporters of those applications.  It's simply my naive comments based on only a couple of hours of research.  Apologies in advance for anything mis-stated.  :-)

I've currently looked at:
  • OpenAdminForSchool - The demo shows a very rough interface and very few complete features.
  • DistrictDNA - Install was complicated and it's not a web-based application.
  • Educational Information System - Nothing but a framework so far; nothing really usable yet.  Looks like some great goals though.
  • Ionia Student - In planning stages
  • LISSARD - Again, some nice ideas, but mostly boilerplate for more complete features in the future.
  • MainBrain - Really nice commercial application, but I've no idea of the pricing.  It looks like expensive software.
  • SchoolMation - Very nice software and extremely reasonable in pricing.  Anyone out there used this?
  • MyPHPSchool - Again, fairly incomplete and no real examples to demo.
  • OpenSIS - Sounds promising, but the site "opensis.org" is down.  Anyone use this?
  • OpenUSS - Has some outstanding looking concepts for making material available, but doesn't seem to encompass administration tasks. (Grades, student info, etc.)
Anyways, you get the idea.  Is anyone on this list currently using web-based software that is of production quality and will do some or all of the following:

1.  Student Information (name, age, address, phone, parents, photograph, etc.)
2.  Grade Tracking  (Transcripts, report cards, class averages, etc.)
3.  Attendance Tracking
4.  Emergency Contact Information
5.  Course Tracking
6.  Generic Form/Document Tracking (Permission slips, parent communication, etc.)
7.  Internet News Publishing
8.  Secure Parental Internet Access

Thanks for any feedback you can give.