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Re: [school-discuss] Web-based School Administration...

    My company Infinite Campus  http://www.infinitecampus.com  designs
web-based student information systems (not open source).   Which district, #
of students and state are you at?

A few other non-open source web-based systems:

* Powerschool http://www.powerschool.com
* Chancery SMS
* Schoolspace http://www.limitless.net/

There are many products that are "web-enabled" (where a terminal program can
be run in a browser), but I don't really count those.  I have alot of
experience with many competitors' products and I can tell you the functional
and technical strengths and weaknesses.  But, my opinion is biased, and I
wouldn't want to disrupt the email list with anything that could be
considered a sales pitch.

We use alot of open-source projects embedded in our software, but we haven't
yet ported to a full linux solution.


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> Hello all.
> I've been doing some searching for a web-based school administration
> program using the software resource listings on schooforge and other web
> sites.  I've evaluated several of the applications and found only a
> couple to be really up to speed for production use.
> NOTE:  My notes/comments regarding the following applications are not
> intended to offend the developers/supporters of those applications.
> It's simply my naive comments based on only a couple of hours of
> research.  Apologies in advance for anything mis-stated.  :-)
> I've currently looked at:
>     * OpenAdminForSchool - The demo shows a very rough interface and
>       very few complete features.
>     * DistrictDNA - Install was complicated and it's not a web-based
>       application.
>     * Educational Information System - Nothing but a framework so far;
>       nothing really usable yet.  Looks like some great goals though.
>     * Ionia Student - In planning stages
>     * LISSARD - Again, some nice ideas, but mostly boilerplate for more
>       complete features in the future.
>     * MainBrain - Really nice commercial application, but I've no idea
>       of the pricing.  It looks like expensive software.
>     * SchoolMation - Very nice software and extremely reasonable in
>       pricing.  Anyone out there used this?
>     * MyPHPSchool - Again, fairly incomplete and no real examples to demo.
>     * OpenSIS - Sounds promising, but the site "opensis.org" is down.
>       Anyone use this?
>     * OpenUSS - Has some outstanding looking concepts for making
>       material available, but doesn't seem to encompass administration
>       tasks. (Grades, student info, etc.)
> Anyways, you get the idea.  Is anyone on this list currently using
> web-based software that is of production quality and will do some or all
> of the following:
> 1.  Student Information (name, age, address, phone, parents, photograph,
> etc.)
> 2.  Grade Tracking  (Transcripts, report cards, class averages, etc.)
> 3.  Attendance Tracking
> 4.  Emergency Contact Information
> 5.  Course Tracking
> 6.  Generic Form/Document Tracking (Permission slips, parent
> communication, etc.)
> 7.  Internet News Publishing
> 8.  Secure Parental Internet Access
> Thanks for any feedback you can give.