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[school-discuss] [DS-discuss] Thin Linux (fwd)

This is from Saurabh in Chennai (Madras), India. FN

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Hi All!

I joined the Demo@Schools list long back after I found a reference to it at 
the http://www.Tamillinux.org site. I'm a student at IIT-M, hoping to 
graduate this month if my exam tomorrow goes well. I've been working on low-
cost Linux based computer labs for a few years now. Here are IIT I have setup 
a few labs (with 60+ wkstns) that have diskless PCs remote booting Linux. It 
is a great solution and I've wanted to deploy it in schools in partnership 
with TNSF and http://www.aidindia.org, NGOs that I work with.

In May I am migrating the comp lab at The School, KFI in Adyar from Windoze 
to Linux. I'm also working at wireless-networking govt schools in rural areas 
near a farm that this school owns. Some students of the school want to help 
me build an iconset for KDE/GNOME/WMaker that local slum/rural population can 
better relate to (anyone ever seen a real recycle bin with that cyclic logo 
on it?).

I'll be moving to Bangalore soon after I graduate to join a job. Would like 
to know how I can work with you guys and take Linux to more schools. I have 
contacts with a number of NGOs that operate/fund comps in Chennai Corporation 
schools and would love to have assistance from this group.

Sorry for the quick mail. Tomorrow's exam is a real killer!


saurabh@ee.iitm.ac.in                           +91-44-2255-3246
SF3/B, Vasanth Apts, 58 Velachery Main Rd, Velachery, Chennai 42
Office: Dept of Electrical Engg, IIT Madras, Chennai 600 036, IN

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