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Re: [school-discuss] Some questions about OSS in education:

On Sat, 2004-08-14 at 13:20, Daniel Ajoy wrote:
> > Don't know, but I would guess that the lower financial cost of OSS would drive 
> > the Latin American countries to use OSS in educaton.
> Why? Everyone here can get a copy of Windows* for $3 down the street.
> There we can also get music CDs and VCDs. 
> ShrekII is there but it costs only $1.

Does that shop sell pirated material?  If so, you're risking the legal
wrath of Microsoft, something that has been felt by at least one school
district in the U.S. (not sure how much of a threat that would be to a
Latin American school district; probably big but I can't be sure).

Even if it's not pirated, you're still putting yourself in a situation
where you become locked into Microsoft's cycle of planned obsolescence
and forced upgrades.  I suspect that, when the next version of Windows
comes out, that place down the street will be selling it for about $300
and you won't be able to refuse it.

It's kind of like a drug cartel, where they offer their product at a
very low price, then you get hooked, then they jack up the price until
you scream (or worse).

> Also, have you heard of the Microsoft program called FreshStart?

No, but I've never encountered a Microsoft program that was actually
cheaper than a comparable open-source solution.  And even if it looks
cheaper, there are invariably hidden costs, not to mention those that
can't be measured (such as the work necessary to apply a new critical
update to every Windows machine on a weekly basis).

> Argentina just signed such an arrangement with Microsoft, Colombia did
> too.

What kind of arrangement?  Did the governments of Argentina and Colombia
understand planned obsolescence and forced upgrades when they signed it?

Lincoln Peters

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