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[school-discuss] [Fwd: [ossig] User Guide to Using the Linux Desktop]

Might be useful for you guys... Comments can also be sent down my way,
if need be
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." -- Mohandas Gandhi
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For those of you looking for free end-user training materials to help
you out with your Linux migrations or clients.

Dr Nah and Colin Charles have created excellent materials, published by
IOSN. They're all released under the Creative Commons Attribution
license, so you are free to copy, publish and modify them as long as you
credit the original authors/copyright holders.


There are a few other free high quality training materials also, and you
can find a list of them here:


Khairil Yusof 
IOSN IT Consultant, UNDP-APDIP, Malaysia 
DID: +603 2091 5183 Fax: +603 2093 9740 
International Open Source Network: http://www.iosn.net 
UNDP Asia Pacific Development Information Programme 

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