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Re: [school-discuss] MySQL in classroom

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 17:38, Dr. Robert G. Rittenhouse wrote:
> >>I am going to be teaching a High School computer course this fall,
> >>and one of the components I want to cover is databases and in
> >>particular SQL queries.
> >>
> >>I am going to use MySQL for my DB both because it's free and it's
> >>what I already have familiarity with.
> A bit offtopic and at the risk of starting a flamewar I wouldn't really 
> recommend MySQL for this role. Prefer to work with a more standard SQL 
> compliant and more capable DBMS such as SAP DB/MaxDB or perhaps PostgresSQL.
> -- 
> Dr. Robert G. Rittenhouse, Chair
> Department of Computer Science
> McMurry University, Abilene, TX 79697-0968

You don't have to start a flamewar. I'd be happy to do it on your

First, stop dissing MySQL. That will hold the flames off completely.

I work in the field and would be happy to compare credentials. I only
see MySQL and Oracle in use. Where do I see MySQL? In every sector of
the Federal Government, DoD, State and local government, Enterprises, in
small to medium sized business  and in education.

I wrote a piece in Linux Journal this week about the Emergency Response
Network used by the Department of Homeland Security. That system has
three years of history and they use MySQL.

This is very easy. Stop using your authority as Dr. Ritterhouse, Chair
(of a pretty small and insignificant University) and lay off MySQL. You
do that, be politically correct and you won't have any flames. If people
want to use MySQL, let them. If they want to use postgreSQl, let them.
In the scheme of things, it makes little difference.