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Re: [school-discuss] MySQL in classroom

Cameron Miller wrote:
  Sybase is the back end
used by Novell NDS, Novell Groupwise still uses the old Perfect Office database system, and OpenLDAP runs on Berkeley DB.
FYI - Sybase is not the backend for NDS or eDirectory. Novell uses 'FLAIM' (FLexible and Adaptable Information Manager) as the backend database. FLAIM was originally used (if memory serves) by BYU in Provo for it's Geneology database, and was adpated by Wordperfect for use with Wordperfect Groupwise. Novell bought WP (thus acquiring Groupwise and FLAIM), and has since invested a significant amount of development effort into it. FLAIM is the backend DB running eDirectory and Groupwise now. NDS (v7 and below of the Novell Directory product) used an in-house database called 'RECMAN'.
Here's some more info if you want: