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[school-discuss] SchoolForge & Cartridges for Kids

Michael Shiloh wrote:
>I'm not sure I see the FLOSS
>opportunity here. Can you explain?

Michael, you describe the CFK people
as being "very helpful and responsive
and a pleasure to deal with." If this
is true, I imagine they should be open
to discussing ways in which SchoolForge
& CFK should be able to co-operate
towards common goals. Both organizations
want to attract favorable publicity.
Link exchanges would be a logical move,
as would co-ordinated activities on
social networking sites (FaceBook,
MySpace, Twitter, &c). The environmental
benefits of FLOSS (longer lives for
older computers &c) would match up well
with the context of CFK.

This is just off-the-cuff brainstorming,
of course, but I hope it inspires some
useful thinking. Anyone have anything
else to jump in with?