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Re: [school-discuss] SchoolForge.net website update

Alright, I've added the blue border up top, and a divider at the bottom (which underneath will in the future carry site info/creative commons link/etc)  I'm still adjusting some of the widths of the left/center/right 'canvas' area as well, and think that moving some of the controls (profile and log off) can free up more width for the content area. 
I merged the "Purpose" into the "What is SchoolForge" page as well.
I'm also going to put in breadcrumbs and a search box.. breadcrumbs will be on the darker green area at the top of the canvas, not quite sure on the search box yet.  Thinking to the right of the main menu..

On 11/28/06, Michael Bendorf <bendorfm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Looks fine in IE 7.0 on a relatively new Dell in the district save for a few odd text formatting issues (extra CRLFs perhaps) - I mail them directly. I also agree the top and bottom end abruptly.
All in all, a very clean face-lift. Great work!!
Michael T. Bendorf
Technology Assistant
Intermediate School

>>> jriddiough@xxxxxxxxx Thursday, 23 November, 2006 9:46:44 AM >>>
I've brought the Drupal system up for SchoolForge and have made some updates to the website.  If you have a moment to take a look at it, I'm curious to hear feedback and how it displays in different browsers.  For now, I've removed the Coalition members information as it is so far out of date that it doesn't actually reflect a list of useful resources and would likely just confuse someone that was trying to find something.  I hope to have something back up for that over the next few days. 
I would like to add a history page that covers the past times of SchoolForge, from seul/edu to present, and if anyone has fond memories they would like included, I'd invite you to share them here.  :)