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[school-discuss] Ad for Current

An attempt of mine at a commercial is at . . .


This work was made mostly (but not entirely)
with FOSS programs.

I think that the Current web/TV environment
might be very useful for the FOSS community.
Students and others could experiment with and
demonstrate the ways in which FOSS software
can be used in digital video. Because Current
encourages political contributions, it should be
a good forum for videos exploring issues like
FOSS vs. M$ etc. In addition, the contributing
videographers can make some money from
their work, with a little bit of luck.

If I get into any serious money from my Current
ad, I intend to apply a portion of the proceeds
towards FOSS-related projects. You might want
to keep this in mind as you decide whether to
give my work a greenlight or not. :-)


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