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[school-discuss] Video Software

As I've done at least once before, I'm posting a
technically off-topic request for help; although I
don't expect to be working in an educational context,
I do think that some of you folks should have the
expertise I need to tap into.

I'm looking for a FOSS program to do creation and
editing of digital video. It needs to run under
Windows XP Pro. It also needs to be able to import and
use a variety of formats of both digital video files
and still images, including QuickTime files. Windows
Movie Maker seems to have problems with QuickTime,
which is one of the reasons that I'm looking for
alternatives. Audio capabilities are also going to be

I would also like to look at FOSS programs--again for
WIN XP--that can capture on-screen activities directly
to digital video files.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Joel Kahn

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