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[school-discuss] Updated Coalition Procedures - Members sign up here

The SchoolForge coalition procedures have been updated, please take a look at http://www.schoolforge.net/coalitionprocedures
An important aspect of this update is aligning SchoolForge with efforts at Schoolforge-UK, through embracing the definition of FLOSS ( http://www.schoolforge.org.uk/index.php/FLOSS ) that has served them well as they have clearly established themselves as the grass roots organisation to deal with over using Free/Open Source Software in schools and colleges. 
A couple comments..
"Management of the coalition website itself will be the responsibility of one of the member groups, which might be its contribution to the coalition."
For this, I will eventually get http://visioninit.com going as a member group that focuses on assisting FLOSS projects on user interface, graphics design, technical  and promotional aspects.  For now, I'm going to focus on SchoolForge and getting the systems in place there. 
To define a new members list, I am requesting a response to this message, sharing the name of the project contact, project, and URL.  (To share more details or to discuss various project efforts, please use the thread entitled "Member responses" (which should have been titled questionnaire responses))