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Re: FW: [school-discuss] Member responses


In the second email (which was provided to allow an opportunity to correct & update any information) I requested permission to republish your response to this discussion, which you did not provide.

On 12/4/06, Michael Viron <mviron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Forwarding without the attachment, since neither the original nor the 2nd email have shown up.

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Subject: FW: [school-discuss] Member responses

I've responded both at the initial request for the information (on August 14th), and with an update on November 26th.  I have a few questions:
1) Since I responded both at the original request for information (and on the subsequent request of November 26th), why I am now being asked to provide the information a 3rd time?
2) Also based on my previous responses to informational requests, why is General Education Online (and other subprojects) not included below?
Any information that can be provided, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Michael Viron
President & CEO, General Education Online, A Schoolforge Founding Member
President & CEO, International Education Resources, A General Education Online Organization

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Subject: [school-discuss] Member responses


Here is a list of responses to the questionnaire that we sent out, the initial thoughts that I had when viewing this - the scope of projects that work to promote open source in education is incredibly huge.  I see that there are aspects covered in training, media distribution, hardware/software, podcasts, etc.  These were people contacted from what was listed on the Coalition members page, but I don't think this signifies an updated list of 'members' (some have confirmed an interest in being Coalition members and are included here) as the procedures are still a work in progress and there are still some things to work out.  I'll create another discuss message to share some ideas on that. 

There are a lot of ongoing projects that have been discussed on the list that list members are active in, so this would be a good opportunity to share information on these efforts as well.  The format that has worked so far is this..

  • Contact/Email:
  • Name of Project:
  • Purpose of project:
  • Target Audiences:
  • Other information:

Silverio Carugo
s.carugo at didasca.org
Name of Project:
 DIDASCA http://www.didasca.it/
Purpose of project: 
 DIDASCA is a non profit cultural association. Its mission consists in  spreading and supporting computer literacy in Italy. DIDASCA is the hub of nearly 500 'DIDASCA e-Learning CENTERS' focusing their activities on the ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence certification.
Target Audiences:
 DidascaKids, DidascaJunior, DidascaCampus, DidascaYouniversity - DIDASCA is trying to  establish 'LifeLong Learning Partnership' with the Italian formal education system.
Other information:
 DIDASCA is actively engaged in promoting the use of FLOSS in education throught the FLOSSIE channel located in the above mentioned websites.

Harish Pillay
harish.pillay at gmail.com
Name of Project:
LUG Singapore http://wiki.lugs.org.sg/LUG & OLPC board audio experimentation
Purpose of Project:
 To see what else we can do to help audio related applications for the OLPC
Reasons people would visit your site:
 Community and OLPC
Target Audience(s): 
 Any one who would be keen to find out what else we can do with the OLPC project and to see how that can help in education.  We would certainly welcome project ideas.

Gunnar Stefansson  
gstefans at gmail.com
Name of Project:
 Tutor-web http://www.tutor-web.net/ http://www.tutor-web.info/
Purpose of Project:
 Providing a base where instructors can share material and students can use for self-study and both can use for student evaluation.
Target Audience(s):  teachers and students 
Is there anything else we should know about your project?
 The tutor-web is being converted to use Plone, more tutorials are being added etc.

Tom Barbalet
tom at nobleape.com
Name of Project:
 Noble Ape
Purpose of Project:
 See; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noble_Ape
Reasons people would visit your site:
 The Simulation
 The Documentation
 The Podcast
Target Audience(s):
 teachers, parents, students, administrators, IT, K-12 + college +

Ed Wiget
ewiget at rhpstudios.com
Name of Project:
 Maysville Linux Users Group - http://www.maysville-linux-users-group.org
Purpose of Project:
 Educate businesses, non-profits, schools, new users, existing Linux users about linux through online discussions, help, articles, and distance learning
Reasons people would visit your site:
 rated in the top 30,000 sites by netcraft - contains thousands of articles concerning linux, using linux, configuring linux
Target Audience(s):
 The Maysville Community & Technical College uses this web site as a reference and help with their Linux web servers, they also offer Linux training and I serve as an adjunct faculty for these courses.  The web site serves as complimentary information to the courses taught at the college.  Many businesses use the distance learning courses we have available to train their work forces in using linux for desktop (general) usage and to train their internal IT staff on configuring linux.  Many non-profit businesses use the web site to train employees.  All sectors of business we serve also uses the web sites information to make informative decisions about using linux.
Is there anything else we should know about your project?
 We have a program referred to as the Business Linux Initiative that allows businesses to purchase pre-configured Linux workstations and servers that include lifetime remote support and administration for the products.  This administration is handled by various members of the web site who have the technical knowledge to perform these duties.  We have quarterly meetings that last 4+ hours to train those who attend in various aspects of linux.  We accept sponsorships of those meetings so that we have items to pass out to members.

ilpo.halonen at dlc.fi
Name of Project;
  Eduprojects.net, http://www.eduprojects.net  
 Including Comenius 3 network COMP at CT (WWW), Dafnord, European Schools Project in Finland
Purpose of Project: 
 eJournalism as an approach to eLearning, educational collaboration across borders, e-journalistic activities of learners in project-based learning
Reasons people would visit your site:
 global contacts with project makers, interactive  synchronous and asynchronous online services including live online sessions, projects in English, German, Swedish and Finnish
Target Audience(s): 
 teachers, students, staff of educational institutions
Is there anything else we should know about your project?
 Learn Internet Projects by Doing - LIP 6 Live Online course will be implemented in the school-year 2006-07. There are live online sessions starting in August 2006.  Teachers from everywhere are invited to these pilot sessions, and they will get training about how to participate in educational collaboration across borders live online. After training in the autumn 2006 they have the opportunity to take part in the course LIP 6 Live Online that will start in January 2007.  They will work as virtual partners with the Finnish participants of LIP 6 Live Online. The course will be organised by COMP at CT in cooperation with OPEKO, the National Centre for Professional Development in Education in Finland. The course is free of charge, and the virtual partners only participate in the Internet, not F2F.
 Please contact the course coach Ilpo.Halonen at dlc.fi . More information about the course  in http://esp.eduprojects.net/en/training.html .
 The Comenius 3 network COMP at CT , funded by the commission of the European Union in 2002-2005, is the core network maintaining our project activities. As the network has no legal status, Euneos Corp. was founded in 2004 to represent the network in the EU projects where the COMP at CT network/Euneos Corp.  is a partner. Projects we are involved are the Comenius 2.1 project EFELCREN ( http://efelcren.cesga.es ) where learning scenarios and learning objects are created, domesticated and disseminated, and the Minerva project WEBCEF (no website yet) where oral use of European languages is compared and evaluated according to the Common European Framework of reference (CEF), with the help of videoed samples of oral speakers of different languages. You know the diversity of languages is a very challenging topic in the European Union.

enmac at linuxmail.org
Name of Project:
 LTSP, The Symbiont Workstation Manager http://ltsp.org
Purpose of Project:
 To enable schools to easily adopt and deploy diskless thin client solutions. Diskless Thin Client solutions save money, provide a computing environment that is more secure, runs faster, more reliable and environmentally friendly. 
Reasons people would visit your site:
 To learn about our open source development efforts within the LTSP (Linux terminal server project: www.ltsp.org) and our commercial (supported and actively developed) solutions branded, The Symbiont ( www.TheSymbiont.com ).  We offer Symbiont Boot Appliances (LTSP appliances) as well as Diskless Thin Client workstations that are fully compatible with our Symbiont Boot Appliances, LTSP and K12LTSP.  We are also partnered with IBM, HP, Microsoft, Novel, and Redhat so that we can readily deploy Microsoft Windows and/or Linux desktop solutions all with 100% diskless desktop hardware.
Target Audience(s):
 Mainly teachers with interest in an alternative use of IT.

Nbedoucha (Norbert)
nbedoucha at xtlabs.org
Name of Project: 
 Burgundy eMontion (NOTE: I have this listed http://www.xtlabs.org/, don't think this is the same project, please update with URL)
Purpose of Project:
 Inner city development aimed at three groups
 a) 15 - 24 school dropouts
 b) Immigrants
 c) Single Parent families
 To teach these groups about entrepreneurialship, financial responsibility and IT in a hands-on project.
Is there anything else we should know about your project?
 This a new venture, regrouping government, private and public sector, to aid the community to help itself and break free of the "welfare state" trap so prevalent in our communities.

Chris Gregan
Name of Project:
 Aptenix http://www.aptenix.com
 An advocacy and migration services company focused on the promotion of
open source solutions for small business, local government, public
education, and non-profit agencies. Aptenix Desktop Solutions offers
existing system migration, configuration, and support, as well as new
system sales. This gives Aptenix clients flexibility in choosing the
option that best suits their organization's needs.

shane at edu-nix.org
Name of Project:
 Edu-nix http://edu-nix.org
 EDU-Nix aims to provide Public Schools with Open-Source alternatives to expensive proprietary software products. The project will consist initially of a redistributable CD that has both a live CD environment, as well as Windows versions of the office and productivity programs.By ensuring that all students and faculty have equal access to high-quality Free Software, EDU-Nix will help to bridge the digital divide in American schools, allowing students access to the same software they use at school wherever they can get computer time.