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RE: [school-discuss] Updated Coalition Procedures - Members sign up here

After sending my previous post, I also noticed the following in the Schoolforge Coalition operating procedures:
"Each member group will designate one person to be its representative to the coalition. At least that one person (and any more who desire) from the group must subscribe to the coalition management mailing list and monitor it regularly. When questions about managing the coalition arise, these people would be expected to take part in the discussion of the question. In most cases agreement on questions will likely be reached casually and consensually, but there may be occasions when formal votes are called for to resolve issues. At some point these questions will be put to votes, with the designated person from each group having one vote. Majority of votes would determine the answer to each question. "
The above seems to indicate that "management" of the coalition should be discussed among the member organizations, which would also include "removal" of organizations.  Also, on the same page, it is mentioned:
"The person responsible for calling for votes on the various questions will be one of the group representatives, selected for a period of one month from the list of groups. After one representative's period ends, the representative of the next group on the list will assume the responsibility."
Might I suggest that the coalition operating procedures at http://www.schoolforge.net/coalitionprocedures be reviewed?
Michael Viron
President & CEO
General Education Online