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[school-discuss] FLOSS Evangelism Through Volunteer Work

First, let me offer a brief thanks to everybody who provided suggestions
on diagnostic software. I'm still considering my options. I'll keep you all
posted on the Saga of the Desktop Dinosaur if there are developments
that look like they have educational value.

Now to the main topic. As usual, my restless mind has been popping out
crazy ideas for new (?) ways to publicize FLOSS. I've noted that both the
Make-A-Wish Foundation (helping children with life-threatening medical
conditions) and the Ronald McDonald Houses (assisting families with a
member who is hospitalized) are constantly looking for volunteers who
possess significant skills related to technology. Here are the relevant web
sites for Make_A_Wish . . .


. . . and for the Ronald McDonald Houses:


My guess is that people with FLOSS experience who volunteer at these
and similar non-profits are not likely to be turned away, especially if the
volunteers can offer the organizations superior computing environments
at greatly reduced costs. The volunteers might be high-school students,
accompanied by their teachers, who can learn interdisciplinary lessons

about community involvement, real-world tech applications, and spreading
FLOSS knowledge, all at the same time.

I'm hoping that some of you are way ahead of me on this and will be able to
present the rest of us with enlightening stories. Whether this idea is new or
not, I look forward to seeing other people's thoughts.


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