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Re: [school-discuss] DrGeo 11.12

Welcome back, Hilaire.  It's an honor to have you back among the active schoolforgers.
Great article, by the way.
I don't see Dr. Geo on schoolforge.net.  Incredible!  Let's add it right away.  If I start, will you clean it up?

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> Hello Schoolforgers,
> It has been a long time I did not post in the mailing list.
> So I write this message to present a software I am working on.
> DrGeo is an interactive geometry software I write for fun (and use with
> my students) since a couple of years. I am teacher in Geneva.
> First written in C++ then rewritten with the dynamic Smalltalk language
> and environment, I released version 11.12 for XO OLPC, GNU/Linux,
> Windows and Mac OSX a few days ago (http://www.drgeo.eu).
> DrGeo is very different in spirit compare to other software of the
> domain. This small article explain a bit of these differences
> http://blog.ofset.org/hilaire/index.php?post/2011/12/14/Interactive-geometry-and-programming-environment-you-can-take-with-you
> Have fun!
> Hilaire
> --
> Dr. Geo - http://www.drgeo.eu
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