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[school-discuss] <gcompris release 5.0>

Here are the latest news about gcompris in the version 5.0:

Now gcompris rely on GTK only. No more GNOME.
- Note that gcompris_edit still rely on gnome and so the rpm package
  will still require gnome.
- Added a new melody activity where the kid must repeat a sound
  sequence.(By Jose Jorge)
- Added a new simple billard activity where the kid must push a ball in
  a hole. The speed and direction of the ball depends on the click
  location on the ball.
- Added a new draw the symmetry activity. It's that same a the redaw
  activity but the symmetry must be drawn.
- Erase activity has been changed to add more complexity by letting the
  kid erase twice and 3 times the same block (By Zsolt).
- At several place, the repeat icon is now dependant of the current
  activity. It makes it more meaningfull.
- Documentation have been updated.
- Added a trace mecanism. When gcompris is run, a new file named
  $HOME/.gcompris.log will report the PASSED or FAILED on each activity
  and the playing duration.
- Several boards now use fonts instead of pixmaps for letter/number
- Uptated translation: Czech, Deutsch Spanish Finish Dutch French Irish
  Portuguese Russian Slovak Serbian

More info about gcompris at: