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Re: [school-discuss] <gcompris release 5.0>

Great Job!!. I just downloaded it.

Many thanks for the "No more GNOME" stuff. At last I was able to use an rpm 
downloaded from your site without a bunch of unsolvable dependencies (I use 
SuSE 9.0).

Well, the rpm still got some dependencies problems, so I installed it with 
--nodeps. The dependencies not solved were:

* gdk-pixbuf-gnomecanvas, gnome-python-canvas (I ignored them, since SuSE only 
includes a package named libgnomecanvas. GCompris seems to be working fine, 

* pygtk2.0, there is a package in SuSE named python-gtk, so maybe it does the 

* gnome-python, in SuSE the name of the package is python-gnome.

* libpopt.so.0, I symlinked it to libpopt.so.1.0.0

Thanks for your wonderful program!