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Re: [school-discuss] Comics

Well, I guess it's up for debate, but I wouldn't want a comic to be released, then "modified" to a new meaning. I wouldn't object to a "respin" of an old comic (Old joke, "Nobody would need more than 640k," now  new joke "Nobody will need more than 4 Gigabytes") but that old comic was made and released to for that time.

Also, if we do end up with a "continuous universe" style comic, changing an old joke might change something important. If you do this kind of comic, you can't re-write history.

As for Mashups... oh yeah... feel free. Make a mashup and make it a new comic for the strip! Take the comic and make your own strip. Just make sure you acknowledge the original artists.


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What's wrong with 'new art and new dialog, potentialy changing the originally
"released" version's meaning'? I agree that a comic can get to a point where
any further revision may diminish the quality in many/most people's eyes. But
rarely is that consensus 100%. I would caution against trying to have absolute
control over the 'final product'. It feels a bit like musicians asserting their
copyright to prevent their songs from being used to create other 'mashups'.
Comics are a form of culture, which is not static, is constantly mixing and
remixing; all creation is derivative. Perhaps there could be a way to branch or
fork a comic, so that, say, even if a consensus forms that version 2.14 of
Matthew's sysadmin comic is the best form, another person can come along and use
that material to create a new comic--which may be better or worse than the
previous; you never know beforehand--even if modifiying the original only
slightly; the 'original' would still exist and people can still see that. This
is a wiki afterall.


Malc wrote:
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> I think the most important part of this idea is that, somehow, a "Finalized" comic strip would have to be set, where no further enhancements can be made. Otherwise, old comics will be updated with new art and new dialog, potentialy changing the originally "released" version's meaning.
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> This is a good point, speaking as an old hack (as in journalism), there's nothing like a deadline, without which, take it from me, there would be no newspapers. So to have a,say, twice a month issue - deadlines accordingly, would be productive. And as Douglas Adams is oft quoted, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by".
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