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Re: [school-discuss] FOSS Professional development courses for teachers

> I'm a member of a LUG in Melbourne, Australia (http://luv.asn.au) and
there is
> some volunteer support here for creating professional development short
> for Australian teachers concentrating on FOSS applications and linux.
> The aim is to initially present some of the killer value-for-money edu apps
> like moodle and schooltool and build from there into courses on linux
> desktops and teaching about open source to students.
> I'm wondering if schoolforge has any resources to help us; or any existing
> projects with an overlap in this domain.
> We're also looking for wiki hosting for gathering material, performing the
> editorial process and fleshing out the course material.

Please take a look at the (my) Open Slate Project. The software piece is
called Chalk Dust, and within Chalk Dust the piece that deals with existing
applications is called Chalk Dust Ports. My idea for Chalk Dust Ports is to
have each application sponsored by an Open Slate member, who is responsible
for maintaining it, in the manner of a FreeBSD port maintainer -- and for
writing descriptive how-to documentation. A port maintainer need not be the
project owner, or even a coder. The job consists mostly of keeping the
version current and compatible with the rest of Chalk Dust.

Please vist the Open Slate Wiki, where the documentation is supposed to grow.

Gotta go now. Let me know if you are interested.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project