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Re: [school-discuss] Politics & FLOSS

Thanks to Daniel Howard for his input on discussing FLOSS with
legislators. I would still like to get suggestions, comments,
ideas, &c from other people if possible before I draft anything
to Senator McCaskill. I also encourage everyone to research
their own senators and representatives to see what opportunities
might pop up. In Georgia, for example, Republican US Senator
Johnny Isakson is a former chairman of the Georgia Board of
Education, one of the original authors of the No Child Left
Behind Act, and the ranking minority member of the Subcommittee
on Employment and Workplace Safety in the Committee on Health,
Education, Labor, and Pensions. The Atlanta metro area, in
Georgia's 5th Congressional District, is served in the US House
of Representatives by Democrat John Lewis, who is a legendary
figure in the civil rights movement (think about the racial
aspects of the "digital divide") and a member of the Subcommittee
on Income Security and Family Support of the Ways & Means
Committee. Which (sub)committees do *your* senators and your
representative serve on, and how could they connect to FLOSS?

More research and more ideas, that's what we need. . . .


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