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[school-discuss] Politics & FLOSS

I'm tossing around the idea of contacting the new
(elected 2006) Democratic junior US Senator here in
Missouri, Claire McCaskill, and suggesting that she
push for hearings related to the use of FLOSS in
education. There are a couple of things that make
me think she might be a good choice for this:

1. She is a member of the Senate Commerce Committee's
Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Innovation.

2. Before she was elected to the Senate, she served as
Missouri State Auditor, and established a reputation
for ruthlessly pursuing, and fighting to eradicate,
financial waste, especially in the field of education.
Since "more bang for the buck" is one of the strongest
selling points for FLOSS, she should be especially
interested in its possibilities.

I know that some of you (unlike me) have significant
experience dealing with connections between politicians
and FLOSS. (Are you there, Daniel Howard?) I'm open to
relevant ideas, suggestions, comments, enhancements, &c.


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